Wednesday, October 11, 2006

WVMBA Wrap up...

WVMBA: West Virginia Mountain Bike Association= Tough racing. Out of a 12 race series I managed to hit 8 events, 7 of which were points races. to qualify for the championship, I had to hit at least six + the championship race down in Barbersville, WV. Since I was only here for 7 events I had the challenge of winning all of them in order to take the overall win. I did it. Along the way I had the most satisfying WV season of my career. The mellow atmosphere of these local races were highly refreshing between the world run around that consumed most of my season. Got to travel to most of the WV throw-downs with my good friend Matt Marcus who also won the masters WVMBA overall with a perfect score of 140. Fun to cruise home every sunday with the tune of double domination victories. Not to say WV lacks in competition, in fact I felt 2006 represented the upward swing of the state series in competition and attendance as a whole from the past couple years. I know I was sweating more than usual in more than one heated battle with a Pittsburgh punk named TJ Platt. I plan to make to at least one WVMBA meeting to kick in some ideas for the future of this unique and historic series.

I finally took down my WVMBA series schedule from my fridge after a successful addition of the Tour de lilly last Saturday. Fun fun.... 10 minutes before the tour kicked off I dialed in a pair of Answer winter cycling shoes (more like combat boots) and they were frickin' amazing for the Wet and Chilly 6 hour tour. The water only made it in after the fifth hr and ninth creek crossing but still kept my tiny feet toasty for the remainder. BWB has'm at a great price so give roger a ring and get some! Well worth it for the wet/ frozen winter ahead.

With the season official over as of a week ago, I'm settling into the off-season duties of finding a team for '07 and setting up the winter training plans.