Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summer storms.

Just missed a big storm that hit NYC today. Raced it over the 59th at
bridge and made it home just as it unleashed on Brooklyn. Michael
Jackson playing outside my window and from every passing car. RIP.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Red Hook

2 a.m jam from the garden.

And the days get shorter.

It's two in the morning and I feel like I could pull out a 9th lap on the 24hrs of Big Bear course. Last weekend was painful and humbling. True to the mysteries of form, I'm feeling stronger and snappier than before that naked leap into an icy pond experience. It shocked a few things back into place. My heart is beating in a more regular rhythm and my legs have that nice tension thing again. Karl was amazing and proved that regardless of my past, he's likely the more talented one given he had never even done a race over 20 miles before and certainly no 24 hour nonsense. That guy can spike his way up a big tree in the rain with chain saws hanging from his waist. So, nice job Karl. I'm still impressed even after recovering from the race and forgetting how painful it was.

This weekend was full messenger playtime with the bicycle film festival going on. Friday night was amusing. Raced my cycle hawk buddy Fly during the Goldsprints in Williamsburg. First time with that madness. Fun though, and I felt like I pulled a hamstring after the 250 meter 150rpm dash with no resistance. I finished my delivery shift around 12:30 a.m. and the party was still just getting started among the mess crew. Squid and Carlos were the master event officiators keeping shit loud and the people rabid. Those guys are the pillars of the scene here in NYC. Finally caught up with Squid in the early hours of Saturday since I road over the bridge in May. Good to see you, man. Road home with the sun after pin-balling between the gold sprint venue and local bar, the Levy, drunkenly. And holy shit can these guys party! In an alternate universe that kind of talent would be (Le) Tour worthy! Saturday came sharply with work in all day in the rain. I ran away with Mimi to Red hook for some string band action at the Jalopy theater. Her Boston friend and undercover musician badass, Dan Fram (spelling?) and his friend Aaron were there there as well. After Show #1 we drove through the misty darkness on Cobbled streets that reminded me more of Ireland that Brooklyn. That explains Red hook -by the water, quiet and different from its' city neighbors. We ended up at another after- show jam bar with the whole session thing going on. The Fram has talent and attracted questionable attention from all the married jammer ladies with his fiddling. The Meems had the Ukulele. Aaron and I discussed not having any particular musical talent, at least that we know of currently. Meems and Fram rocking ensued. Followed the sun home again.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bike jump

Early a.m. Brooklyn bike parking.