Wednesday, July 23, 2008

plane(ing) around

I've been sitting on a grounded plane here at dca for going three hours now. Impressive how quickly one can go from barely making a flight to driving through an entire iPhone charge for entertainment. Going back to the old school method shortly. I've missed my connection in Ohio with rest of the team. I'm heading for tall beers as soon as I get let outa this tin capsule. So yes, France. Should be somtime in next few days. Maybe even in time to join KBS for our first race in Brittany followed by the tour de pyrennes. Been cheating on the road lately with my mountain bike. Suzie Q broke her leg in vt. Jb won a stars n stripes stxc style. I rode fast for a while then got 16th. I have two legs. I really like this girl named Mimi. Alot. The plane is shaking it's raining so hard. Don't need lights. There's lightning.