Sunday, March 9, 2008

get in the van

Still out here in SoCal with the monkey crew. I'm in the middle of my toc/illness comeback just like most of the others lucky enough to be a part of the quagmire a couple weeks ago. We're out chasing more early season fitness at the Marietta stage race this weekend. The local super 8 is hosting us. It's great with all the standard and soulless local strip mall options. Everything is brand new ofcourse so I'm sure no one around here feels like they're slumin' it too hard. Anyway, today we start with one less guy since he was taken out hard in yesterday's criterium. He one a handful of staples in his head for the effort. We're now sprinter-less. 60 mile circuit today with the whose who of sketchy California amateurs. Look at me east coast, no jacket! Flying back to the 'Burg tomorrow.