Sunday, September 21, 2008

Testing... hand on the pulse.

I'm in West Virginia and it's beens so long since I've written anything here that it probably doesn't mean much that I'm not in Harrisonburg. I came up to the homeland on Thursday and caught the increasingly rocking Thursday night in Davis. There's the ride at five-ish followed by dollar pbrs and burritos at Hellbender's, then a show at the purple fiddle. Miss Tess was playing her jazzy-american-vintage for an all-star local crowd. Lot's of dancing, more pbrs, and moonshine when Mackie Marcus showed up. We closed the fiddle then loaded up the band and went up the hill for the customary Mt. state brewing after party. Home by 2 a.m. I came up originally with the idea that I'd do the mountain road classic road race that crosses just down Cheat mt. on rt. 50 and up the massive cool springs climb. My motivation was waning after learning of the 30 dollar entry and weak pay out. So, when I finally woke up this morning after relentlessly pressing the snooze button and found I had forgotten to bring water bottles, I pulled the plug. Actually I didn't fully commit to non-committing until Karl offered me a day in the woods working as a lumberjack or some incarnation of slave, grunt, peon, etc. It went well and it was hard. Karl is freaking amazing with a chain saw. His arms are twice the size of mine. So no race, just good old fashioned honest work. I'm working for Laird Knight starting Thursday. I'll be driving the Granny Gear Dodge dually and hauling the massive "gearbox" camper (oh shit) all the way out to Moab. Bike racing? Me? Not real sure. MTB. I'm looking for a sponsor.