Thursday, August 7, 2008

Not a word.

Wow. I just realized, sitting in an American style bar in Lourdes France drinking an american beer, that there is almost nothing on the internet about the race I"m doing here in Pyrenees. The tour de Pyrenees. 4 days of all the massive tour de france climbs. More on that later... I'm tired, sore and a little baffled at the lack of coverage of this sick event that our team is currently 3rd in. Well, Bajdalli is 3rd. I'm 20th. But I wrecked hard today. The hardest I've ever fallen. It actually didn't affect much result wise. I was still getting bottles and setting tempo on the climbs for the BaJ. After I was picked up off the ground and motor paced back to the field of course. Tomorrow is stage 3 into Spain. Couple Cat 1 climbs. Should be good. Two days to go! Then back to the states. I may indeed smoke a cigarette after this one. I did after last week's torture. What?