Monday, September 24, 2007

VEGAS + Bikes

Sort of. Not that I'm actually taking a bike out there. Interbike is pretty much a perfect excuse to go to Vegas, get way too excited about bike stuff and then control the enthusiasm with a bit 'O volatile beverages.

Interbike. The perfect excuse.

And I'm off!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hurry up and... Wait!

Woke up at a fine hour this morning with the motivation and determination to respect my check-up appointment time at the UVA hospital. I sped. I ran. I stressed. I obsessed. I was late. And just like last time, none of it mattered as I sat for unreasonable amounts of time waiting to be seen. The first part of the appointment was an ankle/brachial pressure test to compare the pressures in my legs from an earlier test I did before the surgery. Hippie John who recorded the first test back in June passed the reins over to another women who, like my previous experience with Hippie John, proceeded to confuse and slightly depress me with her take on the test results. Basically, the results showed that I was way out of shape (which I fully expected) and so pressures in both legs dropped compared to the peak form I was carrying during the last test. "They both dropped", she said. "Hmmmm, well of course", I countered, "That's the hardest I've pedaled in two months and my body is freaked out". I hate it when someone who is there for the sole purpose of "data gathering" and knows little about a situation feels obligated to bleed negative opinions. It's like mental terrorism. Back in June Hippie John tried to convince me that surgery wasn't necessary. It's all a bunch of noise as far as I'm concerned until I get Dr. Cherries opinion. When that time finally came hours later, it was reassuring and positive. No, wait, it was human. He was psyched about the prospects of what close to 50% more blood flow in my left could mean for my career and so am I. He's the doctor and he gave me the "all clear" for a build back into training so on your mark, get set, frickin' go!

I'm off to Minneapolis tomorrow morning for some promotional charity tours for my Kelly Benefit Strategies/Medifast Pro Cycling Team. Larry (our team soigneur) and I are planning to hit the Minneapolis bike film festival plus the shequamegon race in WI so it should be a good trip. Not to mention all the java bliss ever morning from downstairs at One on One bike/art/coffee shop.

I'm already back in action somewhat, I suppose, after hitting the tour again with the team last Friday in Delaware for more public displays of our program. Always nice to ride with a group protected by the man from the man in this police state.That evening as I continued my pursuit of the Teapot the rest of the guys were topping off the Kilojoules for Saturday's Univest Grand Prix in Souderton, PA. Ryan was second and Johnny Sundt (aka: El Gato) stole the Sprinter's Jersey. With a fifth in the following day's Crit the team took the overall for the weekend and I think that's rad. I'm aching to be back in the game...

Joey Riddle, a good WVMBA friend of mine, had a terrible crash this past weekend at the Dirt Derby race in Huntington and is now home recovering. I'm thinking of you guys. Check out this benefit for Joey and Mandi Riddle.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Push. pull.

This reminds me of my last six weeks. Belgian Ardennes 2005

And here we are. Or here I am anyway. Tomorrow is 6 weeks post-opp. A pathetic little loop around town awaits me and I can't seem to curb my enthusiasm about it...

Don't worry, please. The last 10 or so blog-free day's are all part of the plan. The same plan as last time the words disappeared only to reappear with new found meaning and energy. Just like bio-rhythms. When some are up, others are down. Controlled chaos on the screen? Perhaps. If it gets that far.

I've been working for SMT man, Chris Scott for the last week or so before and during the SM100. So much work goes into that event ! I feel guilty and lazy having just been a racer all these years. Volunteers are the reason events work. Thanks for all the suffering on our spandex wearin', leg-shaving behalf! Jeff Roommate Schalk pulled a Floyd Landis on Floyd Landis (insane solo win) this past weekend and he hasn't rinsed the grin off his face since. Not to mention a pretty big record fell and is now smoldering out at the stokesville camp ground.

Floyd was in town and I was stoked to tie on more than one buzz with him. That guy knows how to party! Anyway, some boycotted his presence and others embraced it. After all, he's a former local mountain biker and apparently human as well.

Oh, the teapot! Yeah, sleepy time tea is exactly what I'm reaching for right now. It makes me happy.

Ready, set, go.