Friday, April 9, 2010

Short muse.

Something has shown up, and it's not entirely uninvited. My legs are supple at the moment and they aren't arguing with the fluidity of my pedal stroke. So good rides have ensued over the last few weeks since training camp with my new bike racing team. Jeremiah and I are playing nice again - which always means solid and sharp training efforts. The benefits are always welcome. Andy McKeegan is down and out for a few days with some sort of entrenched hamstring issue. In fact, I felt it today on the side of the road and I believe his problem is coming from the fact that his left hamstring has turned into a piece of steel rebar. He's on it with some electrical current acupuncture so it won't be long before he's pulling us up route 42 at the end of 5 hours rides again.

I'm already two races deep this season so I suppose it has "begun". Again. After a while out.

Two for two so far so I'll aim to keep that on track the best I can. This Sunday is the Harris-Roubaix, the classic underground and graveled nightmare we're all so fond of on the outskirts of our fair city... C'mon, c'mon.


KevinandSpring said...

Good to see you throwing down again!


Anonymous said...

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