Sunday, April 26, 2015

7.19 / 2009

7.19 / 2009
Greenpoint, Brooklyn – NY

It's almost 5am – I'll kiss the bottle
but I'm thinking of you.
phone's dead – lost feelings.
Roommate went home
with your friend.
My friend.
Fuck, I think you're doing
what I hope you're not doing.
What would I do?
Kiss the bottle.
The park is lonely, quiet at midnight. I
would have sent her a message,
but I had no contact.
made my brain sick tonight.
So sick.
Need sleep but can't.
Today you're home?
How different? And why? Am I off
in the end?
Keep moving – work in about 6 hours.
How many more? Where will I go?
I kissed the bottle.

Would've rather been kissing you.  

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